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VNV is a platform for packaging professionals dedicated to improving the impact of packaging design, execution and application in the value chain. Packaging professionals can be found in technical disciplines, in development and innovation, or in management. More and more, our members hold strategic positions in companies or associations. Some of our senior members are independent advisors. The Netherlands, with a strong industry in food and groceries, serves a wide and diverse export market. Most of our packaging professionals operate in an international context.

What is the VNV?
The 'Vereniging Nederlandse Verpakkingskundigen' (VNV), translated as 'Dutch Association of Packaging Professionals',  is an community of experts. An integrated, cross-functional value chain approach to packaging functionality is our shared competence. Throughout their professional life most or our members develop from specialists to seasoned experts with a holistic view on packaging and the supply chain. The VNV is a valuable platform to learn and interact with fellow professionals on a personal basis. This helps to broaden the scope on value chain complexity and acquire additional skills to operate on more strategic and managerial levels.

The VNV stimulates professionalism with its members and aims to strengthen the profession as such in the marketplace. Critical and strategic issues like product innovation, branding, sustainability and cost control are increasingly associated with packaging in many industries. In order for packaging experts to deliver value they must be able to operate and influence decisions accordingly. VNV strives towards achieving both.

Our brochure Innovation drives us forwards outlines the scope of today’s packaging professionals from 4 different angles:

Cover Engels

Strategy & Innovation
Consumer & Society
Process & Organisation
Profit & Loss

The printed version of this brochure is available in Dutch. The brochure is also available in English, as a pdf. Read or download the brochure here.

What does the VNV do for its members?
- Platform for networking & exchange between professionals
- Raise the profile of the profession in the marketplace
- Support professional development: knowledge and skills
- Workshops, seminars & visits
- Career Services (vacancies)

Who are members of the VNV?
In 2013 VNV celebrated its 25th anniversary. VNV members are graduates of specific packaging courses and dedicated professionals. The admission procedure includes verification of a broad packaging scope, contribution to the development of the profession and non-commercial objectives.








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Vernieuwing is de stuwende kracht!
De VNV is een platform voor experts met een brede focus op de verpakkingsketen.

De VNV zet zich in voor de professionalisering van het verpakkingsvak en wil het profiel ervan binnen het bedrijfsleven en het onderwijs versterken.

De VNV ondersteunt leden bij hun professionele ontwikkeling. De leden doen dit vooral met en voor elkaar. De vereniging faciliteert en stimuleert de organisatie van bijeenkomsten en activiteiten, gericht op netwerken, kennisuitwisseling of de ontwikkeling van vakgerelateerde vaardigheden.

Voor veel verpakkingskundigen speelt de VNV een rol in hun loopbaanontwikkeling. Door het netwerk, maar ook omdat bedrijven en intermediairs gebruik maken van het platform om gekwalificeerde mensen te vinden voor vacatures en projecten.