Central Buying Manager FIBC's/PP

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The company

NNZ is a multinational company offering a broad range of packaging solutions to customers in the fruit and vegetable and the industrial sector. The organisation is an independent family business, established in 1922. It has a staff of nearly 200, and has 22 branches in 18 countries. It also works in close cooperation with partners in 40 other countries.
The core processes are: purchasing, sales, logistics, administrative processing, further development and innovation. NNZ's headquarters are in Groningen, where its group activities, consisting of the Finance , Accounting & Control, ICT, Marketing & Innovation, Category Management and HR departments, are also based. These departments facilitate the primary process, without interfering with the independence of the relevant country ("focus on local"). Each country has its own legal entity, where the country manager has ultimate responsibility for the processes mentioned, the integral business operations and therefore the result. NNZ has a contemporary, recognisable social and staff policy, which has been delegated to the Manager or the Country Manager.


The Central Source department

The Central Source (CS) organisation consists of four Central Source departments: Film, Trays, Net en FIBCs/PP. Each department has a central buying manager and an assistant, eight employees in total, who are hierarchically linked to the CSM. They are based in the different NNZ branches. The central source department FIBC’s/PP is located in the headquarter of NNZ in Groningen.


Tasks & responsibilities

  • Develops a suitable range for the relevant product group FIBC’s/PP-bags by means of a targeted sourcing strategy and to contribute to the Central Sourcing policy in that capacity.
  • Periodically visit your own strategic suppliers and negotiate about the conditions.
  • Maintain, encourage and coach your buying team to ensure the sourcing and buying power is used result-led, innovatively, efficiently and to best effect.
  • Maintain effective relationships with relevant colleagues in the NNZ Group.
  • Continually looking for new or alternative suppliers in order to always have an adequate, competitive suppliers portfolio for NNZ.
  • Maintains a good contact with the country managers, and takes action in good time where conflicts of interest between group and country level may evolve.
  • Accountability in management of an assistant buyer.


Knowledge & Experience

  • Proven higher vocational education level of working and thinking
  • Experience in relevant category of management roles with proven leadership responsibility;
  • Excellent collaboration skills in an international environment.
  • Knowledge of the packaging market and packaging technology;
  • Ideally technical knowledge of FIBC’s and its applications.
  • Very good knowledge of Dutch, English, Geman and any other language would be an asset.



  • Structure and foresight: you will need this to identify matters in advance and to bring projects to a successful conclusion.
  • Decisive and task-oriented: a setback does not throw you off balance and you maintain the overview. you are patient and persistent and you finish what you start.
  • The binding factor: you consider it important that others know that together they make a contribution and you ensure that the goals are achieved.
  • You embrace change and challenges and are willing to implement them.
  • You are pragmatic, with perseverance and diligence. A good analyst who is able to quickly adapt to the business and his perceptions.
  • A strong communicator: you can adapt yourself quickly to new and different situations, read the behaviour of other people, compromise to reach agreement, and avoid and resolve conflicts. A strong communicator can do so within all levels of an organization.
  • Positive and optimistic nature: you are level-headed, you see matters in perspective and have a good sense of humour


The company offers

  • Working in a dynamic, cooperative and international environment
  • Independent and very challenging position
  • Very good personal and professional growth opportunities.
  • An attractive salary package and contract conditions.


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