Multiple Packaging Vacancies Frieslandcampina

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Multiple Packaging vacancies @ Frieslandcampina

As result of a new ambitious packaging sustainability strategy and a stronger focus on packaging formats development from our Consumer Dairy division the Global R&D packaging development got an increased budget and we can grow our team 😊

We have the following vacancies:
• Packaging Development Specialist
• Packaging Technology Manager
• Packaging Specification and compliance Specialist
• Packaging Specification Specialist (soon to be published)

Please check the details on our website: and filter on Research & development / Packaging

Working in FrieslandCampina’s Global Packaging Development Team means you are truly serving the world. You could be involved in developing new low-cost packaging formats for the Nigerian market, creating the next generation Global Infant Formula packaging format for Friso, validating new sustainable materials for liquid carton packaging for western Europe, or designing a new packaging for condensed milk in Asia.

Our world consists of a wide range of products and markets that require a flexible and knowledgeable approach to delivering what the consumer needs. Do you like the idea of conceptualizing large industrial bulk containers for B2B use or defining the best technology to package our new range of Vifit Sport bars? We’re looking for passionate packaging people who are able to work with every discipline to translate consumer needs into packaging solutions which can be produced at low cost and a minimum impact on the environment!  

FrieslandCampina is a large corporation comprised of 19,000 Member Dairy Farmers. From grass to glass, we strive for a more sustainable way of working with a focus not only on profitability but on long-term success and customer relations. We believe that personal and team development is a key factor to this success, which is why we spend significant time with individuals and the team as a whole to ensure that everyone is set up for success in achieving their ambition.  

We work together in an open and positive atmosphere, which is also reflected in our office, and we strive to maintain a good life/work balance. The Packaging department is an international community with 50+ colleagues from 12 different countries and we are based in Wageningen (the Netherlands), Singapore and multiple countries in Europe and Asia. Indeed, we see a mix of personalities and cultures as the perfect breeding ground for innovations. Our team members hold at least a Bachelor’s degree, gained experience with working in different cultures and are above average interested in consumer behavior or technology. They cooperate to achieve our ambitious targets.   

Part of the job involves visiting factories and suppliers as well as travelling to our different markets. Our people maneuver through the various disciplines in our organization, from R&D to Marketing and Supply Chain and from Operator to Board. 

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